Civil & Commercial Litigation

RWLB handles virtually every kind of matter that results in a civil lawsuit. That includes personal injury claims in which plaintiffs are seeking damages from vehicle accidents, falls, industrial accidents and injuries from any kind or products. We handle cases involving claims of libel, slander, misrepresentation, damages to reputation and fraud.

We also handle claims for damage to real or personal property, such as that caused by fire, insurance losses or claims that some person or entity caused damage to property through any kind of negligent or intentional acts. These claims may also allege damages in the form of lost income and other business losses.

RWLB also handles all manner of commercial and contract disputes. These are often claims by one company against another or against several other companies claiming that a business contract has been broken or violated. They may involve contracts for the sale of real estate, a business or assets. They may be claims related to insurance contracts. We are familiar with many common business and insurance contracts and the case law applicable to contract disputes in the state of Maine.

Many commercial disputes involve claims that a business has been damaged by practices or by actions which do not involve a written contract.

All of these diverse cases are governed by the rules of Maine’s state and federal courts with which we have decades of experience.