About RW

Litigation is a cornerstone of our practice. With a rich history of successful trials, we recognize that litigation outcomes often hinge on effective negotiation and resolution strategies. From the outset, we diligently analyze facts and legal nuances to position our clients favorably, whether in settlement discussions or trial proceedings. Our attorneys are esteemed leaders in various practice areas, handling a broad spectrum of cases, including construction, employment, workers’ compensation, personal injury, and family law.

RW operates from offices in Portland and Bangor, Maine, extending our services to individuals and corporations across the state. Several of our attorneys are licensed to practice in multiple states, broadening our reach and capabilities.

Additionally, RW represents clients before state and federal regulatory boards, offering comprehensive legal advocacy in diverse matters.

Our team comprises tenacious attorneys, supported by experienced paralegals and knowledgeable staff, ensuring prompt and effective responses to our clients’ needs.

As a member of the USLAW NETWORK, RW aligns with over 100 independent law firms worldwide, providing access to a vast network of legal resources and expertise. USLAW’s commitment to delivering high-quality legal services aligns with our mission to serve clients across the country and beyond. Membership in USLAW is by invitation only, and RW is the sole representative from Maine. Through USLAW, we offer clients access to national conferences, training programs, and educational resources covering various legal topics.

For more information about USLAW or for referrals outside Maine, please reach out to any of our attorneys. If you’re interested in attending client conferences or educational programs, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to serve your legal needs effectively and comprehensively.



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