Construction Law

Few areas cause as much litigation as construction. RWLB has been involved in every aspect of construction litigation. We represent local contractors who perform all of their work alone or with a handful of laborers, as well as large construction firms. We have represented homeowners, condominium
associations and building owners in claims against contractors and subcontractors. We routinely represent general contractors, subcontractors, home inspectors, appraisers and real estate brokers in claims brought against them by owners or each other regarding construction defects and building problems.

We are familiar with standard contract provisions as well as the standard practices in the construction industry. We are knowledgeable about Maine law pertaining construction contracts, construction defects, mechanics liens and indemnification provisions, We know the construction experts available and we know who to use and who not to use. We are also aware of the costs involved in litigating construction disputes and seek to control the costs through early alternative dispute resolution.